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Scientific Papers

The available static analysers of run-time errors cannot find the most part of real errors and are able to generate only long lists of warnings. In this paper, we determine the conditions of a definite error and propose the list of program analyses imposed by these conditions. The static error analyser Wasp based on effective algorithm of powerful context-sensitive data flow analysis with the approximation of definite use-def relations is developed.

For data flow analysis of Java program to be correct and precise, the flows induced by exceptions must be properly analysed. In our data flow analysis, the implicit control flow for a raised exception is represented explicitly. Exception branches, exception plateaus, and exception exits for methods and method calls are introduced as additional control flow structures for analysis of exception handling. These structures are constructed dynamically under control of data flow analysis.

Scientific part of Wasp project was supported by grants "Program understanding"
97-01-00724, 0001-00820 of Russian Foundation of Fundamental Research
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